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The number of different Roulette variants available to play online has steadily grown over the last few years, as has the quality of the games themselves which now boast enhanced graphics, better sound effects and much easier to navigate player controls. To enlighten you to what you will find in regards to the many different Roulette games offered by different software providers below is an overview of some of the most popular ones.

American Roulette TableAmerican Roulette – There was a time in the early years of online gaming, when every casino offered the American Roulette game, however as players began to get a bigger choice of where to play, due to the increased number of online casinos appearing online coupled with the fact that online Roulette players have woken up to the fact that this variant offers poor value for money it has become a game most players now ignore.

European Roulette GameEuropean Roulette – One of the most popular standard Roulette games is the European variant, when faced with a choice of this game or the one mentioned above then players always flock to play this one due to it having just one zero in play on the wheel. This game has a much smaller house edge than the American Roulette game and therefore will give players much better value for money.

French Roulette GameFrench Roulette – This game has started to appear at more and more online casinos, and whilst it is very similar to the European variant, it has unique game play rules in regards to all even money paying wagers. Depending on where you play this game it will have either the En Prison rule or the La Partage rule in play.

The En Prison rule stipulates that all even money wagers in play on the table when a zero spins in will not be losing ones, instead they will stay in play for the next spin. The La Partage rule on the other hand stipulates that a player will receive half his stake money back on all even money paying wagers when a zero spins in.

Both the above two French Roulette game play rules mean that the house edge on this game is even lower than both the American and European Roulette variants.

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Live Roulette – This is a new way of playing Roulette online and the number of casinos online offering this variant is growing each month. The idea behind this Live Roulette game is that instead of playing a Roulette game via a software driven, random number generator powered game, instead you play remotely on a land based Roulette table, where all of the action is monitored by players via a live video broadcast. The games offered are usually the American and European Roulette games.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette – This Roulette variant comes with an added bonus type game. On the wheel there is an extra position in play, this is a yellow coloured ball well which is one and a half times as big as all of the other number wells.

Whenever the ball lands in this position then the bonus game is triggered, a set of two lights will then spin around the wheels perimeter and when they stop which ever numbers they are adjacent to will be deemed to be the two winning numbers for that spin. So you can win twice on one bonus game. Should you have wagered on the Yellow position and the bonus light or lights then stops on this position during the bonus game then additional payouts are awarded.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette – This game is very similar to the Double Bonus Spin Roulette game above, however it has three zeros in play on the wheel and the over-sized Yellow position, however when the bonus game is triggered when the ball lands in the yellow ball well, three bonus lights spin around the perimeter of the wheel so up to three additional ways to win are offered.

Three Wheel Roulette – This Roulette variant is a rather strange looking one in as much as the Roulette wheel is in fact three wheels in one. This means that when you set the wheel in motion three possible outcomes will be announced when all three balls have spun on their own independent wheel. Each single wager you place onto the betting layout is multiplied by three to cover that bet on each of the three Roulette wheels.

You will also be able to place an additional bonus type Sidebet wager which covers such things as getting three of the same numbers spinning in on each wheel and also getting a matching pair of numbers or spinning in three numbers all of the same colour.

Hot Streak Roulette – This is a standard European Roulette table which has a special optional side bet. You will be able to pick a set of six street bet numbers on which this bonus bet will be based around. Whenever one of these six numbers spins in when you have placed the Sidebet wager that covers that number then a bonus payout is awarded, and the wager stays in place for the next spin, the more times any one of these numbers appears consecutively the bigger the bonus payout will become.

Mini Roulette – This Roulette variant comes with a smaller set of numbers in play on the wheel, these are numbers one to twelve along with one zero. You will be able to wager on both the individual numbers and a range of number type groupings including odd or even bets and red or black numbers.

Pinball Roulette – This is a relatively new type of Roulette game, and the way in which the ball in launched and lands is slightly different to standard games. Instead of spinning around the Roulette wheel the ball drops down the screen in the same way as a Pinball game plays. An optional gamble type game is also offered should you have won on the base game.

Multi-Player Roulette – This Roulette game will allow you to play Roulette alongside fellow players, you will usually be up against a timer in regards to the time you get to place your wagers, and often a chat facility is offered to allow you to interact with those other players. This is a much more community based Roulette game which is ideal should you not like the solitary way in which the majority of other online Roulette games operate.

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