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Single Zero Roulette Game Variants

When you choose to play Roulette online then there are some games that you can instantly dismiss as possible variants that you will play, the one game any Roulette player should never sit down to play is the American Roulette variant as with its 5.26% house edge which is high due to there being two zeros on the wheel.

You will however find a number of Single Zero Roulette game variants on offer, and a novice player in particular may get a little confused with the sheer number of these games offered, and not realise that there are some subtle differences in regards to the way these games pay which affects the playability of each particular variant.

Below we will give you an insight into all of the currently available Single Zero Roulette game variants which you will be able to access and play at any of the many Microgaming software powered casino sites, please do look through this listing and familiarize yourself with what each game offers and then stick to play the one with the lowest house edge for the maximum winning opportunities!

Understanding Single Zero Roulette Games

All of the following Single Zeros Roulette game variants with the exception of the progressive Roulette Royale game named below can be played at no risk and for free at all Microgaming powered sites like, so should you wish to play them to see which one you like the look and feel of then you are able to do just that!

European Roulette GameEuropean Roulette – Microgaming have had a European Roulette game available on their gaming platform since 1994 which is when the first casino using their software went live, their original variant of this game is still on offer, however it is a game you will not get any real enjoyment out of playing due to the poor graphics.

You are unable to watch the ball spinning around the rim of the Roulette wheel and clearly landing in the ball well and as such this does make it unappealing to a lot of players who demand as life like a playing structure and format when playing Roulette online as is possible.

Gold Series European Roulette – The Gold Series European Roulette game boasts a set of completely enhanced and overhauled graphics, and as such this game is far more playable than the above named game.

You are able to play not only this Gold Series European Roulette game but all others listed on this section of our website for various stake levels, however the minimum wager you can place to set this particular game in motion is 1.00.

The house edge attached to both the Standard and this Gold Series European Roulette game is 2.70%, which as you can see is much lower than the 5.26% house edge attached to their double zero American Roulette game variants!

French RouletteFrench Roulette Game Variants – The one single zero Roulette game variant that should be the one you are looking to play is the French Roulette games of which Microgaming have a Gold Series version on offer. This game has the lowest house edge of any single zero Roulette game which works out at just 1.35%, and this is due to the La Partage game playing rule which results in any even money paying wager not being classed as losing one should a player place one of those bets on the betting layout and then the zero spins in!

Roulette Royale – Microgaming have another single zero Roulette game variant on offer which is a progressive game, this is their Roulette Royale game which is based around their original European Roulette game and sadly as such it comes with poor graphics which can put you off playing it.

You are obliged on every spin of the Roulette Royale wheel you play, to place an obligatory 1.00 side bet wager which will give you access to a range of bonus payouts whenever one single number spins in more than one time on the trot.

The payouts get larger in value the more times one number appears and spins in consecutively, and if one number does spin in a total of five times consecutively the progressive jackpot is paid out to that player. However that obligatory 1.00 wagers increases the house edge of this game quite dramatically and sadly it is therefore a game not worthy of your attention or play time!

Premier Roulette – Microgaming have released their very latest Single Zero Roulette game variant which is their Premier Roulette game, and this is going to be the one software driven Roulette game that you will probably enjoy playing the most.

The entire look of this game has been changed from Microgaming’s earlier variants of the European Roulette game and players have access to lots of statistical data and betting options all at the click of their mouse.

The graphics have been given a good makeover and are now high definition, so for the ultimate playing experience do allocate a little of your play time to give this Microgaming designed Premier Roulette game a try, its house edge is 2.70% which for the record is not as low as Microgaming’s French Roulette game!

Live Roulette GamesLive Roulette – The Live Roulette game offered at most Microgaming software powered casino sites lets you play in a real life gaming environment, and you will be able to play alongside other online players and also communicate to them via a chat room.

You will be playing against the clock and as such you need to place your wager before the real life Croupier who, along with the Roulette wheel and betting layout will be visible on your computer screen via a live video stream, shouts no more bets!

Many players do tend to drift over to playing Live Single Zero Roulette when they have experienced a bad run of luck when playing the software driven games, as this particular variant does enable players to be confident they have a fair chance of winning and their luck is not down to a random number generator but a live Croupier instead!